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Friday, 30 December 2011

Dell Streak 7 4G/ Wi-Fi Android Tablet Giveaway

Cyber Connect Social Networking site for all bloggers and businesses worldwide has been launched today.

Cyber Connect is bringing together all bloggers and businesses worldwide  in one spot. Generate more audience and traffic with the help of Cyber Connect social network in your businesses and blogs. Join now and take advantage of what they got to offer from blogging tips to monetization. 
Learn more about them HERE.


Cyber Connect Social Network is giving away an amazing product.. They want you to kick start your new year in a grand style with DELL STREAK 7  4G/Wi-Fi  ANDROID TABLET OR $270 Cash via Paypal.
Just for one lucky person and it could be you!

Dell Streak 7 Android Features:

The Android-based Dell Streak 7 is the ultimate entertainment hub for those craving a rich multimedia and web experience. It features a brilliant 7-inch WVGA multi-touch display made of damage-resistant Gorilla Glass that's ideal for Web browsing, streaming video, watching TV and movies, reading books and magazines, or playing games wherever you roam. And so many other amazing features.

N/B: This giveaway will end on the 21 January 2012. The draw will be made by Cyber Connect team not me. And they are responsible for the shipment of this item if you win.. Goodluck and Happy new year..

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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Why Internet Marketing Is So Important.

Marketing is a very important part of starting a business.  It is as important as a business plan . Because without marketing your business it will not be well known and you will not get clients  .   The internet has taken the lives of so many people today.  People search the internet for everything.  So it only makes sense to market your business  online. 
The internet is redefining the relationship between businesses  and consumers ,  for the first time in history a small and meduim scale business can now go global about their products and services.
   Back in the days, businesses that market online are a handful of large companies and corporation but now almost every business can reach customers all  around the globe. 
 Why is internet marketing so important?  Why should business owners have a good internet marketing strategy for their businesses.

Advantages Of Marketing Business On The Internet.

- Constant access; When you market your business online, it can be accessed at any time of the day . It's like having your store open 24hrs a day and 7 days a week. 

- Shoppers can visit your site at the convenience of their homes at any time the deem fit without any hassles.

-  When you market your business online, your business gain more traffic and exposure.

- Good Internet marketing strategy cost much more less than the traditional media marketing.

- If your  business is not on the internet,  you are bound to lose valuable customers. Customers will prefer to do business with companies they can deal with on the internet.

- You tend to meet your customers   needs when you market on the internet. The customers fill up forms and tell you their product needs. They also leave feedback that makes you improve your services.

- Internet marketing opens door for creativity. The internet is very flexible place. It gives you ideas on how to expand your business, you tend to check other businesses similar to yours and know ways to improve yours.

- With internet marketing you can gain millions of customers from different geograghical locations and regions.

Finally, internet marketing is fastest and best way to expand or start your business in todays world. It is a tool enabling businesses to literally reach millions of customers each month.  Internet marketing is a business imperative because the internet is an irrevocable and unstoppable trend. 


Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The Act Of Shaving.

The act of shaving is by far one of the commonest way of hair removal for both men and women. While there are different skin areas to shave, a wide variety of implements to use and a great selection of methods to try. There are few basic rules everyone should follow when shaving. Choosing the appropriate shaving tool is important depending on the body part you want  to shave.

There are different shaving implements/tools , its best to choose one that best suits you. Here are some of them.

Safety razors- This is mostly used by women and is disposed afterwards.

Multi-blade- This is disposable as well as interchangeable.

Double edged razor- Men prefer this type to women, it can be dismantled and cleaned properly after shaving and  fixed back again.

Electric shaver- These are mostly used on a dry skin. Some are quiet expensive and used without shaving cream.

Straight razor- These require skill to be used and is not really widely used.


  • Wash the area with warm water and soap immediately before shaving. This procedure softens and exfoliates the skin from dead cells and makes the skin softer for a closer shaving.
  • Fill up the sink halfway with water.
  • Apply a lubricant preferably shaving cream or shaving soap to the area you want to shave. Apply a generous quantity of shaving cream to cover all the area to be shaved. The cream softens the hair and makes it easier to be shaved.
  • Make sure the razor  is held in the proper direction.
  • Shave in the  proper direction . Shaving against the opposite direction the hair grows.
  • When you are done, wash the area and  part dry.

Some of the best shaving creams are -;
Art of shaving for sensitive skin.
Nivea for men shaving cream.
Boots moisturizing hair removal cream.  


How To Avoid Bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy is a process whether your debt is fully absorbed or the court establishes a repayment plan on how to sort your debts out. As much  as bankruptcy can be a great relief and gives you peace of mind from your debtors , it has very bad consequences to your credit rating and financial status. You will also lose your property and assets. However there are ways to avoid filling for bankruptcy.

Tips On How To Avoid Bankruptcy.

-  Debt consolidation program. You can have a minimum ammount of money leave your account every month or every forthnight to your creditors account. It might take a long time to pay but you will eventually get there. At least your creditors will know you working towards sorting your debts. A debt consiladation program is where you consolidate all your bills into one easy monthly payment by taking out  a low interest loan to pay up your debts.

-Your creditors can also help you avoid bankruptcy by pleading with them to reduce your monthly interests or   reduce the ammount of money you owe. Express your willingness to pay the debt and your financial difficulty and they will listen to you. Your creditors are not willing to accept little or nothing at all.

-  You can sort the help of a consumer credit counsellor to talk to your creditors to reduce your interest rates and the ammount you owe, if they wont listen to you.

- Get help from family and friends. It's been said not to mix business with family and friends, but when you are at the point of filling for bankruptcy, you kind of don,t have a choice but to ask for their help. But always have a plan on how to repay them.

-Always  have a repayment plan to how to settle your debt. Instead of filling for bankruptcy, sell some of your assets and use the outcome in clearing your debts.

- You can consider speaking to good bankruptcy attorneys . California bankruptcy attorneys can help you with good , honest and professional advice on how to handle bankruptcy.


Saturday, 24 December 2011

Its Another Christmas

A GREENER CHRISTMAS TREE, Green Christmas Tree, Greener Christas Tree, Green Xmas Tree, Greener Xmas Tree, Sustainable Christmas Tree, The Eco Christmas Tree Option

The year the has gone by so fast and i cant believe its another christmas. Am so grateful to God for a gift of family, life , friends and bloggy friends. Christmas to me is a time for happiness , time to merry and cheer. Its a time for a sober reflection , I reflect on how far i have come, and far am going.  Life is indeed short and lets live and cherish each second.
As 2012 is approaching , lets make our resolutions and our plans for the future . As you make your plans , always put it in Gods hands . Once again, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL MY LOVELY FOLLOWERS AND READERS. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.


Friday, 23 December 2011

Silver Smoke Book Review and Contest.

The kids are on holiday and its so cold and snowy outside. There is no better time to spend indoors than the winter time . I love winter not only that i  can to spend more time with family and friends, i also get to have time for my novels [i love reading] which i havent much time to read . I received an early christmas present from Monica Leonelle the Author of this awesome book SILVER SMOKE.   To read and review and keep.
I could not drop this book for a second. This book kept my heart racing  is an action packed book filled with suspense, thriller, beautiful storyline and adventurous characters. As i read through, it looked like i could see the actions and characters  in the book come alive. That 's how i know am connected to a book. It is worth reading and having in your library. If you can do with a  good book, SILVER SMOKE is the book. It is a new release to the Seven Halos series and rate 4.8 stars on Amazon.

To celebrate the release of a new novel to the Seven Halos series, author Monica Leonelle is doing a Kindle Fire giveaway for Silver Smoke, the first novel in the series! Silver Smoke is the highly-rated (4.8 stars on Amazon) debut novel about the Hallows and the Nephilim, the descendants of archangels and humans. Here's a description of the book:

Brie van Rossum has fame, fortune, and beauty, but there's one thing she doesn't have--the name of her mother's supernatural killer.
The Hallows, descendants of the archangels, don't think Milena was murdered.. but can Brie trust them when their government, the New Order, wants her dead?

She'd better figure it all out soon...

... because when Brie finds out who she really is, the hunt will begin.

And Milena might not be the only casualty.

Like mother, like daughter...

Contest dates:

December 15th thru December 31st (a little more than 12 days, but who's counting?)

Easy ways to enter:

  1. (3 entries) Blog about this contest and forward a link to (see copy + paste instructions for the contest below)
  2. (3 entries each) Share a sentence about the book with your Facebook or Twitter followers, and include a link to the book on Amazon or Barnes and Noble (you pick). One entry per social media account per day during the contest. Forward a screenshot or link of your sentence+link to The links are available below:
  3. (10 entries each) Write an honest Amazon and/or B&N review of Silver Smoke and send a link to


Grand Prize Winner: Kindle Fire (or cash-equivalent Amazon gift card)
2nd Place (two winners): Kindle Touch (or cash-equivalent Amazon gift card)
3rd Place (three winners): Kindle (or cash-equivalent Amazon gift card)
Special Bloggers-Only Winner* (for blogger entrants - must enter via the web form): Kindle Fire (or cash-equivalent Amazon gift card)

Winners will be selected using on January 1, 2012 and announced on How To Be An Author by January 2, 2012.

*To enter the Bloggers-Only drawing (in addition to the regular drawing), you must forward a link to your post to AND add your name to this bloggers-only email list (not for promotional purposes... just an easy way to distribute promised items):

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Xfactor UK Fashion Off; Fashion Face Off Weekend Contd.

Xfactor UK competions has come and gone. We saw so many trendy fashions, from the contestants to the judges. Below are what the females judges wore to the live shows . Lets see who dressed better. Kelly Rowland [former Destinys child member] Or Tulisa Constavalos [Ndubz only female singer]. This Fashion Off between Kelly and Tulisa has already  been voted for by the British public. Am just sharing it here.

The judges weren’t afraid to flirt with a full skirt, with Tulia taking to the 50s trend with aplomb. Kelly’s dress was just a bit too  with Tulia taking to the 50s trend with aplomb. Kelly’s dress was just a bit too Irish dancing for our liking. What do you think?

omg! fell for these romantic ruffles and pinky tones! We fear Tulisa’s dress was ruined by the black belt so she loses to Kelly and her Grecian gown this time.

 Sequins and sparkle is what ‘X Factor’ was made for so these looks are both winners. If pushed, we’d pick Kelly’s dress as Tulisa’s looks a little severe for such a pretty girl.

In floor length frocks the girls look fabulous! We’re picking Kelly’s dress though – she looks white hot! Tulisa’s body con number would work better as a shorter style.

Ah! We just can’t pick between these two hot hues so we won’t.

In red-carpet worthy dresses Tulisa and Kelly both shine but for us, feathers rule over tiers so Kelly wins this fashion battle.

 Folds and fancy draping was a look both judges wowed in although Kelly has won our vote. Tulisa showed a bit too much skin.


Friday, 16 December 2011

Fashion Face Off Weekend.

Fashion Face off;  Julianne Hough  Vs Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney, 32, donned the dress from one of her favorite designers for boyfriend Scott Disick's birthday celebration in Las Vegas on May 27. She accessorized with a sparkly Raven Kauffman clutch and black Christian Louboutin pumps.
Julianne, 23, stepped out in the style for the Odyssey Ball in Beverly Hills back on April 9. The former "Dancing With the Stars" professional added matching heels and a clutch to her look.
This is one gorgeous dress for gals who have the figure to pull it off -- and actually both Kourtney and Julianne do. But it only hugs one of the ladies' curves precisely the way it should —- Julianne's. While I do prefer Kourtney's coloring with the shade of the dress, it's not enough to overcome the less-than-perfect fit. I think  Julianne pulled the dress off better. What do think?

Fashion Face Off; Nicole Richie Vs Nicky Hilton.

 This fashion faceoff pits childhood friends Nicole Richie and Nicky Hilton against one another in the same chiffon frock by Keepsake, which features a ruffled V-neck and cut-outs in the bodice. The frequent red carpet revelers both donned the design in two different colors less than two months apart. Shall we get started then? It's time for us to decide just who wore it best! 

Nicole, 30, stepped out in a mustard version of the dress for the Environmental Media Awards inBurbank, California, on October 15. The former "Simple Life" star-turned-designer accessorized with a clutch from her own House of Harlow line and pumps by Christian Louboutin.
Nicky, 28, a hotel heiress-turned-designer selected the garment in spearmint for a cocktail party and dinner hosted by DSQUARED2 designers Dean and Dan Caten and VMAN magazine in Miami on December 2. Good thing it doesn't get too chilly there! Paris' little sister completed her look with a J.J. Winters clutch and nude peep-toe heels.
Only one woman can win, yes, but can we all agree that this sweet dress is a triumph for them both?  Nicole wins points for managing to choose a hue that complements her coloring, and, best of all, for injecting some of her bohemian personal style into the look. While Nicky did pick a pretty color, her simple ensemble is, well, a little plain. Therefore, I say Nicole pulled the dress off better. What do you think?

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The 5 Best Holiday Hairstyles For African American/Carribean Hair.

It is christmas, a time of joy and laughter. A time to merry and also hang out with family and friends. There is sure to be loads of parties and places to go and you don,t wanna look tacky ,would you? Here are some hairstyles you can try without breaking the bank.

1. Try Getting a New Hair Colour-
You don,t have to go for something permanent. You can try a colour rinse that can last for 4 to 6 weeks. If the colour looks good you can go all the way to making it permanent. It's a subtle but classy look.

2. Go  Dramatic With Curls-
If you are going to have your natural hair, you could relax it and curl it a tong. Or have a long straight extension on, add some drama with curls. This looks so cool, I have had this look a lot of times and i get compliments each time.

3. Get Smooth Hair Without Damage-
Try a sleek look that's sure to impress at any holiday party without the damage of a flat iron. All you  need do is dry wrap your hair in a doobie, apply pressing cream and brush with a bristle brush. Then sit under a hooded dryer for 15minutes. This style looks casual and classy.

4.Get The Beyonce Look-
Beyonce's look is one the most sought after looks today. Get her looks by colouring your hair or get the  extension that suits with the same colour. Give your hair a good shampooing and blow dry, add thermal spritz once the hair is dry and curl with curling irons to get the wave.

5.Go Long With Extensions-
Make your friends go green with envy by getting a really nice wavy extension. I use virgin brazilian hair .  It brings out the glamour in you and make you like you are stepping out of a glossy fashion magazine. This hairstyle can complement any outfit . You can get virgin brazilian hair by sending your enquires to this email-

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

How To Build Your Own Website.

Websites are very popular in todays world . It is needed in a every sector , be  it schools, companies,  banks and even local businessesWebsites are needed by businesses and companies to facilitate  business transactions, and to deliver services effectively
You don,t need  to be a business owner to have your website. Here are some tips on how to build your own website.

  1. The first step to creating your own website is to get a domain name. A domain name is name you want to give your website. Getting a right domain name is very important. You will have to make your domain name relevant to the content of the website.
  2. Once you have your domain name, you have to get it registered.
  3. Sign up for a web host account. Choose a good hosting provider that will help you start up smoothly in your new website.  A good hosting provider is fast, reliable and user friendly. There are some free ones    while some are not free.
  4. Designing your website. At this stage , you  can leave it for the web designer if you want something professional. But if you  want a  basic web  site you can use the WYSIWYG ["what you see is what you get"] web editor. Such editors help you design your site without much technical hassles.
  5. You will need to install payment widgets if your site is for  selling products and services . 
  6. Now your site is all set and ready, You have to get it noticed    by submitting it google and bing search engines.

As we now know  how to start up our websites, we ask ourselves, why create a website? Why are they so important? Does businesses and companies need a website? The answer is a  big YES.

Importance of websites to business.
  • The two prominent ways of shopping are online or in store.  So , if you get your business online, you stand a huge chance of making it successful.
  •  If you register your business online,  you have customers from all over the world viewing your products and services. Basically you will generate ten  times more customers online than you will generate if your business was in store.
  • A business websites cuts the cost of advertising your business. The reason is  because the website is loaded with more information than a standard  advertisement.
  • When you have a website, it is open 24/7 without you being there. It is open for all to access and shop.
  • Through your website your readers/ customers  can reach you directly and you can help them better.
  • Your business can gain credibility through the websites as you will  customers / clients leaving feedbacks.


Saturday, 3 December 2011

Thursday, 1 December 2011

$200 Holiday PayPal Giveaway

This is the season we all have been waiting for. Many people are showing  love and appreciate to all loved ones this season. Is been a long journey from the month of January to December, and we still remain grateful for all your supports and contributions on the things that makes us happy. One-moment-in-time, Makobi Scribe, The Organic Blonde and  7 other wonderful blogs are giving away $200 Paypal Cash . And to increase your chances we are making it 2 winners.

Entry is easy with Rafflecopter.  Must be 18 or over and have a valid PayPal account that can receive money.  Open worldwide. It takes the Rafflecopter widget a little time to load, kindly spare  few seconds while it loads :-)

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