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Friday, 23 June 2017

Hijab-wearing model Halima Aden appears on the cover of Allure to bust Muslim stereotypes.

A Somali model has become the first woman ever to grace the cover of American beauty magazine Allure, while wearing a hijab.
Halima Aden, who is only 19-years-old, is pictured wearing Nike's high-performance hijab on the cover of the July issue of the women's magazine, with a caption that says "This is American Beauty".
Aden has long been working to busy stereotypes of Muslim women in the media, having appeared in the bikini round of the 2016 Miss Minnesota USA beauty pageant while wearing a bikini and hijab.

Since then, she's also walked in the Yeezy season five show at New York Fashion Week and made headlines by being the first hijab-wearing woman to grace the cover of Vogue.
Mario Sorrenti, who photographed Halima for Paris-based CR Fashion Book told Vogue: “The power really came from her eyes and her presence…I think there’s a modern quality about her, being of her faith and expressing her femininity and beauty with confidence.”

Aden told Allure that she first began wearing her hijab when she moved to America at the age of eight, from a Kenyan refugee camp where she was born in 1997.
She did this in imitation of her Mum. “Every little girl looks up to her Mom so much – that’s your first hero”, she said.
Aden has also spoken out about how wearing the hijab was a choice she made, and that not all women choose to wear it.
“Society puts so much pressure on girls to look a certain way” she told Allure, “I have much more to offer than my physical appearance, and a hijab protects me against ‘You’re too skinny’, ‘You’re too thick,’ ‘Look at her hip s,’ ‘Look at her thigh gap.’ I don’t have to worry about that.”
In light of her successes, Aden has been praised for changing the stereotypes surrounding Muslim women, particularly in the fashion and beauty industries.
Speaking of modern standards of beauty, she told Vogue: “I have a friend who wears the most revealing clothes…and I’m like, ‘Girl if that’s what makes you feel happy and beautiful – go ahead’…But it’s ironic because people will s**t-shame her, but then apparently they think I’m oppressed because I choose to do the opposite and cover my body.”

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Bits & Bobs: Look Ravishing This Summer For Any Party With Thes...

Bits & Bobs: Look Ravishing This Summer For Any Party With Thes...: All needs to look their best at any festival or function no matter whatever the circumstances they have to climb down. Thi is summer s...

Look Ravishing This Summer For Any Party With These Outfits

All needs to look their best at any festival or function no matter whatever the circumstances they have to climb down. Thi is summer season, where you will find a lot of hurdles in your effort to look the best and beautiful all day long.

Now, you will be in a state of a dilemma what you should wear this hot summer at any party or a function to look your best, and so also you cannot take a chance on your look in spite of the scorching heat. Check out these cool yet stylish looks for any party for the season.

Go Ethnic!

It does not matter if you are going to attend a party during the day or night because an entirely blended anarkali suit with heavy work on it will be the right choice and that with the right color combination will not let you down. Check out this anarkali from Craftsvilla lady collection, which is in beige and red combination. It will go with any occasion. Dress in style with the right accessories and you are now looking no less than a diva!

Nehru Jacket For Men In Traditional

A beige color Nehru jacket on top of a maroon/red kurta will be a great combination to try out this summer. Your man will steal the eyes of many at any party with this outfit. And you both will inevitably sync with the beige in common.

Buy it online from Snapdeal to get this cool yet traditional look. Snapdeal offers will get you this outfit at the best price.

Your Angel In White

Let your Lil angel become the star of the day in this beautiful frock. White is the best color for the season. Your angel will be the prettiest in this outfit. You can add some accessories to match it along with the outfit including a pair of cute ballerinas and a perfect hairdo!

Firstcry is the best online store to get this outfit for your baby. Buy this outfit using Firstcry coupons to get it at a low price.

Draped In A Designer Saree

Saree is always beautiful, and a woman looks more beautiful in saree. So, why to avoid it? Moreover, looking great is all that matters, and the rest is all in the mind. Buy this fabulous designer silk saree online from Amazon. Do not forget to look for Amazon offers.

This is a guest post by Gayathry V Pillai

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Important tips for long hair care by Victoria Howell ( guest post)

If you have long hair like Rapunzel has or a little bit shorter you know how difficult long hair care is. That’s why special for you the best Natural hair salon in the New York City has prepared for you the list of the most important care tips.

Tip #1. Cut down the hot tools using
It’s not a secret, hot tools damage your hair. That’s why it will be better for your hair to cut down their using, of course, if you want to have healthy and long hair.
You should try not to use flat or curling irons and blow dryer every day. Your hair also has a need in a special day off.

Tip #2. Conditioning
Conditioning is an essential part of long hair care. Do not confine your hair with ends conditioning only. Remember, if you want to have good-looking hair you should use leave-in conditioner and make deep conditioning treatment every week. Only then your hair will be really shiny, glossy, and a healthy look.

Tip #3. Hair mask
Use a special (preferably natural) hair mask at least once a week. It is extremely necessary if you have dyed hair or spend a lot of time under the sun.
The best option in this case is to come to the best Natural hair salon in the New York City, which has a wide choice of hair masks. Also, our specialist can advice what mask will be better for your hair type and texture.

Tip #4. Regular trims
It may seem like inconsequence that if you want to have long hair you should regularly trim it. Well, yes, but not exactly.
If you trim your hair regularly it will grow faster and your ends will be healthy.
So, it will be better to visit your stylist every 6 – 8 weeks and cut down the split ends.

Tip #5. Vitamins
This tip is for you if you want your hair grow faster. There are special vitamins, which are advertised to spur hair and nail growth. Also, it can be complex for hair, nails and skin.
But remember, before taking something you should see your doctor.

Tip #6. Skip the shampoo
Every day shampooing makes your hair dry. Try to wash your hair every other day, or better every 2 days. If you think your hair is dirty in betweens you can use a dry shampoo.

The best Natural hair salon in the New York City hopes these advices will be useful for you and your hair will be long and healthy like Rapunzels’ or even better. 

The Top 4 Ways to Grow Out Your Hair Naturally

Winter has a huge influence on our hair, making it incredibly dry, brittle, and very hard to grow your hair. We have you covered with our all-vegan winter haircare tips to ensure your New Year kicks off with a bang, with glossy, long hair in no time!

Tip 1: We Are What We Eat:
If you want to have long and healthy hair, review your diet. Thick, beautiful hair requires foods rich in healthy fats; including avocados, pumpkins, seeds, beans, coconut oil and any other kind of nuts. All these foods contain Vitamins A and C that stimulate the scalp and hair growth. Equally food in high dose of protein protect your hair from breakage and split ends so are also important additions. Alongside these vital healthy vegan foods some companies also provide vegan supplements with particular focus on your hair, nails and skin which can support during the winter months.

Tip 2: Avoid Heated Styling Tools:
You’ve heard it a million times before, but its so true…avoid those curling tongs/hair straighteners when trying to grow your hair! Their temperature can reach over 400 degrees and harms your hair like nothing else. Still want to tame those locks while growing out your hair? Use nourishing mousses, balms and gels in order to make your hair shine. There are such an array of products out there, each meant for a specific hair type and need so choose the one right for your particular hair query, whilst focusing on growth.

If you really cannot live without those straighteners, ensure you minimise the damage with heat-protectant. Although not a miracle worker these sprays can reduce the damage the high temperatures work on your hair.

Tip 3: Help Your Hair:
Regularly apply special masks to your hair in order to moisturize, nourish and hydrate it. You can even create a nourishing, natural hair mask from the things in your fridge! Choose avocado, coconut oil or cucumber to stimulate your scalp and hair follicles. These products will strengthen your roots and ends and can be left for as little as five to ten minutes to have an effect.

It’s official! Long, beautiful hair can be achieved…even in the cold winter months!

This is a guset post !
Article by Victoria Howell.
Victoria Howell is one of our contributors, based in Brooklyn, New York. After graduating from New York University she began pursuing writing full time, with a primary focus on haircare, haircuts and styling. Victoria works at Hair Salon Prestige; a natural hair salon based in Manhattan, New York. 
Look Ravishing This Summer For Any Party With These Outfits
All needs to look their best at any festival or function no matter whatever the
circumstances they have to climb down. Thi is summer season, where you will find
a lot of hurdles in your effort to look the best and beautiful all day long.
Now, you will be in a state of a dilemma what you should wear this hot summer at
any party or a function to look your best, and so also you cannot take a chance on
your look in spite of the scorching heat. Check out these cool yet stylish looks for
any party for the season
Look Ravishing This Summer For Any Party With These Outfits
All needs to look their best at any festival or function no matter whatever the
circumstances they have to climb down. Thi is summer season, where you will find
a lot of hurdles in your effort to look the best and beautiful all day long.
Now, you will be in a state of a dilemma what you should wear this hot summer at
any party or a function to look your best, and so also you cannot take a chance on
your look in spite of the scorching heat. Check out these cool yet stylish looks for
any party for the season

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

20 Reasons you should Drink Lemon Water in the Morning.

Adding lemon to water not only quenches thirst better than any other beverage, but it also nourishes our body with vitamins, minerals and trace elements which we absolutely need. Lemon with water can be considered the best natural energy booster. When we wake up in the morning, our bodily tissues are dehydrated and are in need of water to push out toxins and rejuvenate the cells. In other words, this homemade “lemonade” helps eliminate internal toxins, regulating proper kidney and digestive tract functions by forcing them to work as smoothly as possible.

20 Unbelievable Reasons To Start Your Day With Water and Lemon

  1. Water with lemon provides the body with electrolytes which hydrate your body. As lemons contain good amount of electrolytes such as potassium, calcium and magnesium.
  2. Water with lemon is good for the joints, reducing pain in the joints and muscles.
  3. Warm water with lemon helps digestion as lemon contains citric acid. It interacts with other enzymes and acids which easily stimulate the secretion of gastric juice and digestion.
  4. The liver produces more enzymes from water with lemon than from any other food.
  5. Water with lemon cleanses the liver. Lemon juice stimulates the liver to release toxins.
  6. Water with Lemon helps fight infections of the respiratory tract, sore throats and inflammation of the tonsils. This is due to the anti-inflammatory properties of lemon.
  7. Warm water with lemon helps regulate natural bowel movement.
  8. Water with lemon is indispensable for the normal work of metabolism. Since lemon is a powerful antioxidant, it protects the body from free radicals and strengthens the immune system.
  9. Water with lemon aids in proper functioning of the nervous system (as lemon  has a high content of potassium). Depression and anxiety are often the result of low levels of potassium in the blood. The nervous system needs a sufficient amount of potassium to ensure sustainable signals to the heart.
  10. Water with lemon cleanses blood, blood vessels and arteries.
  11. Water with lemon can help lower blood pressure.  A daily intake of one lemon can reduce high blood pressure by 10%.
  12. Water with lemon creates an alkalizing effect in the body. Even if you drink it immediately before a meal,  it can help your body maintain a higher level of pH. The higher the pH, the more your body is able to fight diseases.
  13. Water with lemon is good for the skin. Vitamin C in lemon, improves our skin by rejuvenating the body.  Drinking water with lemon regularly (every morning) will improve the condition of your skin.
  14. Water with lemon  helps to dilute uric acid, the built up of which leads to pain in the joints and gout.
  15. Water with lemon is beneficial for pregnant women. Since lemons are loaded with Vitamin C, it acts as an adaptogen helping the body cope with viruses such as colds.  Furthermore, vitamin C helps the formation of bone tissue of the unborn baby. At the same time, due to the high content of potassium, a mixture of water with lemon helps forming cells of the brain and nervous system of the baby.
  16. Water with lemon relieves heartburn. For this, mix a teaspoon of lemon juice in half a glass of water.
  17. Water with lemon helps dissolve gallstones,  kidney stones, pancreatic stones, and calcium deposits.
  18. Water with lemon helps with weight loss.  Lemons contain pectin fiber, which helps suppress hunger cravings. Studies have proven  people with a better alkaline diet have lost weight faster.
  19. Water with lemon helps with tooth pain and gingivitis.
  20. Water with lemon prevents cancer. This is due to the fact that lemons are a highly alkaline food. Multiple studies have found that cancer cannot thrive in an alkaline environment.   
I am so  starting my lemon water morning challenge. you should do same. 

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Lady Gaga Shocks Fans With Naked Bodysuit.

Lady Gaga celebrated her 28th birthday yesterday – in a see-through bodysuit adorned with roses - as you do.
The camera-shy singer protected her junk with some roses, and managed to shield her face with a veil
Image result for lady gaga costumes red roses
The ‘G.U.Y’ songstress was performing at a closing ceremony for the Roseland Ballroom in her hometown of New York City, and alluded to the venue’s name with her… um… unusual choice of attire.

And we thought we were being brave for our birthday when we wore leopard-print stilettos.
The outfit, unusually for Gaga, left little to the imagination.

Little being the operative word here, folks.

Image result for lady gaga costumes red roses
The popstar/walking Tate Modern exhibition protected her modesty with some red roses stuck over her naughty bits, shielding any ‘Little Monsters’ that may have been in the vicinity from catching a glimpse of her ACTUAL meat dress. 

After performing on stage at the world famous venue, Gags had a natter with her fans, posed for pictures, and hopped into a New York cab – which itself was very much working the ‘Let’s stick a bunch of flowers on it’ look. 

Lady Gaga Joanne will be starting her world tour August 2017.You can check out Lady Gaga Joanne world tour dates here

9 ways to get better looking make-up today; Clever make-up tips and tricks

Make-up routine feeling a little tired? You don't have to completely overhaul your make-up bag to update your look. Want to put a little pizazz back into your daily make-up then switch up your techniques. Get more from your beauty stash with these clever little tips and tricks to get better looking make-up today. 

Perk up cheeks
Breathe life back into fatigued skin and mix up your cheek products. Mix together your blush and highlighter to add a subtle sheen back to your complexion. Sweep across cheekbones for an instant boost of radiance.

Try coloured eyeliner
Always reach for the black eyeliner? You could actually be making your eyes appear smaller. Switch your eyeliner for a deep olive, plum or brown for more flattering results. The finish is much softer and can make your eyes appear larger.

Perfect your brows
Use a pencil and a brow powder to perfectly define your arches. Start by creating your brow shape using a pencil, then use an angled brush and brow powder to fill in sparse areas. The two products together the perfect combination of precise yet natural.

Fix mistakes
Slipped with the mascara wand or eyeliner? Use a primer and cotton bud to gently wipe away mistakes. The primer will act as a base making it easier to reapply make-up over the top.

Plump up lashes
Boost lash volume without the need for volumising mascara. Sprinkle some loose powder gently over lashes before applying your regular mascara. The powder combined with the mascara thickens lashes instantly.

Instant eye life
Sweep concealer or a matte pale pink eye shadow stick under your brow bone arch. Blend until the shade is undetectable. The subtle sweep of highlight acts as an instant eye lift.

Apply foundation downwards
Always apply your foundation in downward strokes. Many of us have soft fine hairs on our faces; Apply foundation upwards and it can cause hairs to stick up resulting in a 'peach fuzz' finish. Downward strokes give a much more flawless look.

Heat up your lash curler
Blast your hair dryer over your eyelash curlers to gently heat them up. The added heat works the same way as your curling wand, it'll help your lashes to stay curled all day long.

Expertly conceal
Avoid cakey concealer and apply using a brush, rather than straight from the tube. Use an eyeliner brush to carefully apply concealer just to any blemishes. Gently blend away any edges with a fluffy eye shadow brush. The results will be much more natural.

Khloe Kardashian buys Justin Bieber's House.

Khloe Kardashian wallpapers (85326)

Khloe Kardashian can finally get her hands on Justin Bieber's Californian mansion as the sale went through on Thursday.
The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star's new home will mark a fresh start following her split from Lamar Odom in December, 2013.
Hopefully, her time in the Calabasas mansion won't be as problematic as Justin's, who was constantly upsetting his neighbours by reportedly speeding in the gated community, holding parties and throwing eggs at a nearby house.
The process would have gone a lot quicker if Justin hadn't made such a mess! The sale stalled for a few weeks when the pop star discovered he couldn't sell the house until he paid off a repairs bill of £18,250. We imagine Khloe wasn't pleased when she found out... but it all worked out in end. The house is finally Khloe's as she completed the purchase in Los Angeles on Thursday. Justin looks set to stay in his new flat in Atlanta, Georgia for the foreseeable future.
Let's hope she doesn't upset her new neighbours either - perhaps she should keep the reality TV crews away for a while...

Friday, 20 December 2013


Khloe Kardashian filed for divorce from Lamar Odom on December 13th. While it’s been nearly a week since the couple officially decided to go their separate ways, the usually vocal Kardashian refused to talk about Lamar or the divorce. 
Save for a few tweets about Mason’s birthday and some other paid tweets, Khloe was tight-lipped. Until now. 
Just moments ago, Khloe BROKE HER SILENCE and wrote, “This, in and of itself, is heart breaking and torture to my soul. Please, I don’t need extra rumors and BS right now.”
She’s probably referring to the rumor that she’s dating baseball player Matt Kemp.
The only thing she does have to look forward to is her multi-million dollar payout in the divorce. 
According to Us Weekly, Khloe stands to make $7 million—a tally which includes a $4 million mansion in Tarzana, California and the $1 million diamond engagement ring on her finger, a 12.5 carat radiant-cut diamond ring by Vartan’s Fine Jewelry.
The 29-year-old “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star will also receive a $2 million payout in cash.

“Khloe and Lamar have nothing to worry about as far as finances,” the source told Us. “Their prenup is ironclad.” Supposedly for every year of their marriage, Khloe stands to gain $500,000 and the pair have been together for four years.
A particular that is still up in the air however is how the collective sales of their fragrance “Unbreakable” will be divided.

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