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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Lady Gaga Shocks Fans With Naked Bodysuit.

Lady Gaga celebrated her 28th birthday yesterday – in a see-through bodysuit adorned with roses - as you do.
The camera-shy singer protected her junk with some roses, and managed to shield her face with a veil
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The ‘G.U.Y’ songstress was performing at a closing ceremony for the Roseland Ballroom in her hometown of New York City, and alluded to the venue’s name with her… um… unusual choice of attire.

And we thought we were being brave for our birthday when we wore leopard-print stilettos.
The outfit, unusually for Gaga, left little to the imagination.

Little being the operative word here, folks.

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The popstar/walking Tate Modern exhibition protected her modesty with some red roses stuck over her naughty bits, shielding any ‘Little Monsters’ that may have been in the vicinity from catching a glimpse of her ACTUAL meat dress. 

After performing on stage at the world famous venue, Gags had a natter with her fans, posed for pictures, and hopped into a New York cab – which itself was very much working the ‘Let’s stick a bunch of flowers on it’ look. 

Lady Gaga Joanne will be starting her world tour August 2017.You can check out Lady Gaga Joanne world tour dates here

9 ways to get better looking make-up today; Clever make-up tips and tricks

Make-up routine feeling a little tired? You don't have to completely overhaul your make-up bag to update your look. Want to put a little pizazz back into your daily make-up then switch up your techniques. Get more from your beauty stash with these clever little tips and tricks to get better looking make-up today. 

Perk up cheeks
Breathe life back into fatigued skin and mix up your cheek products. Mix together your blush and highlighter to add a subtle sheen back to your complexion. Sweep across cheekbones for an instant boost of radiance.

Try coloured eyeliner
Always reach for the black eyeliner? You could actually be making your eyes appear smaller. Switch your eyeliner for a deep olive, plum or brown for more flattering results. The finish is much softer and can make your eyes appear larger.

Perfect your brows
Use a pencil and a brow powder to perfectly define your arches. Start by creating your brow shape using a pencil, then use an angled brush and brow powder to fill in sparse areas. The two products together the perfect combination of precise yet natural.

Fix mistakes
Slipped with the mascara wand or eyeliner? Use a primer and cotton bud to gently wipe away mistakes. The primer will act as a base making it easier to reapply make-up over the top.

Plump up lashes
Boost lash volume without the need for volumising mascara. Sprinkle some loose powder gently over lashes before applying your regular mascara. The powder combined with the mascara thickens lashes instantly.

Instant eye life
Sweep concealer or a matte pale pink eye shadow stick under your brow bone arch. Blend until the shade is undetectable. The subtle sweep of highlight acts as an instant eye lift.

Apply foundation downwards
Always apply your foundation in downward strokes. Many of us have soft fine hairs on our faces; Apply foundation upwards and it can cause hairs to stick up resulting in a 'peach fuzz' finish. Downward strokes give a much more flawless look.

Heat up your lash curler
Blast your hair dryer over your eyelash curlers to gently heat them up. The added heat works the same way as your curling wand, it'll help your lashes to stay curled all day long.

Expertly conceal
Avoid cakey concealer and apply using a brush, rather than straight from the tube. Use an eyeliner brush to carefully apply concealer just to any blemishes. Gently blend away any edges with a fluffy eye shadow brush. The results will be much more natural.

Khloe Kardashian buys Justin Bieber's House.

Khloe Kardashian wallpapers (85326)

Khloe Kardashian can finally get her hands on Justin Bieber's Californian mansion as the sale went through on Thursday.
The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star's new home will mark a fresh start following her split from Lamar Odom in December, 2013.
Hopefully, her time in the Calabasas mansion won't be as problematic as Justin's, who was constantly upsetting his neighbours by reportedly speeding in the gated community, holding parties and throwing eggs at a nearby house.
The process would have gone a lot quicker if Justin hadn't made such a mess! The sale stalled for a few weeks when the pop star discovered he couldn't sell the house until he paid off a repairs bill of £18,250. We imagine Khloe wasn't pleased when she found out... but it all worked out in end. The house is finally Khloe's as she completed the purchase in Los Angeles on Thursday. Justin looks set to stay in his new flat in Atlanta, Georgia for the foreseeable future.
Let's hope she doesn't upset her new neighbours either - perhaps she should keep the reality TV crews away for a while...
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