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Thursday, 26 April 2012


Developing your own resume is often an overwhelming task. Your paper is either very rough from crossed out words or your room is littered with rumpled sheets of paper. Resume templates makes resume writing much easier and convenient. A professional resume template gives you a competitive advantage in today's challenging job market. 
Resume templates are preformatted documents [ usually created using microsoft word] that contain predefined settings like margins, fonts, headings , bullets, styling ...etc that will give your resume a professional appearance. Basically , it provides you with a fill - in - the - blank form to jump start your resume writing process. 

Benefits Of Using A Resume Template.

- Saves You Time - As a job seeker , writing resumes is time consuming because you want to make sure you get all the words in without taking up all the space  . Using a professional template saves you a whole of time. And we all know time is money.

- Less Stressful And Convenient - Resume template is much more easier to use and is also very convenient. You are not under pressure and not in a hurry. 

- Effective Formatting and Presentation - One common complaint from Human Resource professionals screening resumes is  that the formatting is inconsistent . This means that the margins and bullet points are not properly aligned. This gives the HR professionals hard time trying to peice your resume together. With a resume template , all your formatting problem is sorted.

- Professional  Touch-  A professional resume template gives your resume a professional look and makes it easier to read and it stands out from other resumes. You get all the words in and yet you have alot of  space making it favourable to read. Giving your resume a lasting impression.

- Professional resume template gives your resume a competitive advantage over other resumes.

Whether you are applying for a job for the first time in your life, or for the first time in many years, using a professional resume template can add great benefits to the overall package of your resume. Resume template is just a token  investment to a potentially life  changing resume.

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Tuesday, 24 April 2012


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Monday, 9 April 2012

10 Reasons To Go To A Business School.

Are you stuck in a dead end job? Are you sick of doing same old job without a salary raise or promotion? I have news for you. Pursuing a full time MBA degree is what you need. MBA simply means masters in business administration and it has become a requirement for everyone today who dreams of a good financial future.
If you are still thinking about business school, stop thinking and give it a go. I will be stating why business school will be worth your while.

Reasons To Go To A Business School.

1. Finding The Job Of Your Dreams - As a business school graduate, the sky is your limit. YES! You can literally find any job you want to and at any firm you want to. Because your MBA degree is like a gate pass to any prestigious company in the world.

2. Job Security - An MBA degree keeps you three steps ahead of  others in company because you are armed and equipped with skills,knowledge to deliver better services at your job, that makes you an asset for your company and your job is secured.

3. Career Advancement - An MBA degree can help you climb up the promotion ladder at your company.

4. Salary Increment / More Money- If you have made up your mind to go to a business school, you have to get ready for a future with financial comfort. Because that's what comes with going to a  business school. As a business school graduate you are trained to deliver better services, hence the promotion. Promotion  = salary increment / more money.

5. Starting Your own Business - Going to a business school equips you with the knowledge, skills on every aspect of business and economic industry and how it works. Making you eligible to start your own business.

6. Better Job Opportunity - Being a business school graduate opens you to a field of top paying job opportunities. You are like a "hot cake"in the business/corporate environment because every company wants you. Companies are willing to pay more to employ MBA degree holders.

7. Professional Development - Business school prepares and  trains you professionally in almost every aspect. Training you with qualities that you need to survive in the outside world.

8. Personal Development - Business school is one of  most humbling experiences ever. Business school  environment offers the perfect opportunity to develop yourself as a person and not just as a professional . To discover your true strenghts and develop areas while also learning to appreciate what makes you unique. When developing yourself  personally and professionally, you can whom ever you want to be. You can even be the Governor of a state.

9. Recognition / Connection - Attending a business school increases your networks because you get to meet more people. It recognizable position in the society [if you want to be famous].

10. Acquire  Knowledge - You can just  go to a business school to acquire knowledge nothing else but pure knowledge that will stay with you forever. 

Still thinking whether to go or whether not? Quit thinking and make a move. Business school is your assurance for financial future.

I am participating in a blogger campaign by Bucks2Blog and was
compensated. However, the views and opinions are my own.
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