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Saturday, 7 May 2011


·         Kate's birthday on 9th January will be officially marked by the hoisting of the union jack above every government building.; the queen will grant Kate a consort’s coat of arms, made up of symbols from William's family and emblems from the new Middleton coat of arms.

As wife of a British Prince, Kate will be entitled to use the normal royal standard (the flag used by the monarch and members of the royal family) but as she is not of royal descent, hers will have an ermine border, as Diana's did.; Kate's first taste of royal pageantry is likely to be the trooping of colour on the 11thjune, when she will share the first carriage with Camilla and William.
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May said...

Is totally her destiny.I wish her all the best in married life.

Mare said...

Interesting that a new coat of arms will be designed for Kate. Love hearing all about the royals. Must be exciting for everyone in Britain.
following you from MBC. Follow me when you can at

mimilovesall8 said...

I I followed you and would love a follow back :)

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