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Thursday, 30 June 2011


GET CREATIVE: further ideas to help your child play and learn.

 Drawing and painting can be introduced for kids from 18 months. You can use crayons, felt tips or powder paint . You can  make powder paints thicker by adding washing-up liquid as well as water. At first you will need  to show your child how to use a paint brush,crayon. You can use thick cereal packs for paper.

 WALKING- Encourage your child to walk with you,you may use the safety harness. It may slow you down but its a good way  for both of you to get some exercise.

PAPER BAG OR ENVELOPE PUPPETS- Use old paper bags and envelopes to make into hand puppets. Draw faces on them or stick things on them to make your old characters. Slip your fingers in them and try getting them to 'talk' (using a high pitched voice), 'laugh' to your child.


May said...

I do most of the things you listed here with my kids and they really like the time we spend doing them. Thanks for posting.

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It's at the moment an online diary of what me and the family get up to.

Julia said...

I'm a new follower Monday Mingle Thanks!!

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