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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

How To Get Rid Of Ingrown Hair.

An ingrown hair is hair that curls back on itself and starts growing back into the  follicle , or hair that fails to grow out of the follicle and stay embedded in the skin. Ingrown hairs can affect the face,neck,leg and any part of the body. They are usually minor irritations but can be painful or uncomfortable. Moreover, if left untreated ingrown hair can become infected. Unfortunately, while ingrown hair is common with people with curly hair , almost everyone will get one  at one point , and if you shave regularly , you may have to deal with ingrown hairs quite frequently. Got one now ? Follow these instructions to get rid of it and keep it from coming back. 

Steps On How To Get Rid Of Ingrown Hair.

 The things you need to remove ingrown hair are clean wash cloth and warm water,  exfoliating scrub / moisturizing cream, topical antiseptic  and sterile needle .

1.  Exfoliate the area - Scrub the ingrown hair gently, this will help remove dead skin cells, dirt and oil that might be trapping  in the ingrown hair. It can also  nudge the tip of your hair out of your skin. If the ingrown hair is on your face or neck, chose an exfoliant that is designed for sensitive facial cream.

2. Apply a Dab of acne medication  - Ingrown hair are similar to pimples especially if its accompanied by pus. Apply benzoyl peroxide several times a day for a few days. This , with combined daily exfoliating will help make the ingrown hair grow out rather than grow in.

3. Apply  a warm, moist compress to the  area for a few minutes to soften  the skin -  Create  a hot water compress and a towel. Apply it against the ingrown hair area. The aim of this treatment is soften the hair and bring it closer to the surface.

4. Use a sterile needle or tweezer to gently pull out the hair -  The hot water compress should brought the hair out to the surface. With the tweezers you can pull the hair out gently.

5. Wash the area around the formerly ingrown hair with warm water  and a moisturizing  soap - Apply an antiseptic to provide better protection against infection. Avoid wearing tight clothing around the area and exfoliate regularly to prevent new  growths.

This a sponsored post for the art of shaving. However, all the points and views are purely mine.

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