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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Dazzling Colours For Your Body Shape.

Rock a spark of color that can also flatter your body shape this summer.
Best Brights to Create Curves
Dare to bare seriously sexy curves in all-over lemon. Bright shades draw attention to wherever they're placed, so a straight and slender Ruler figures can fully embrace a light-reflecting shade wherever your body needs a little boost. Remember, bright colors amplify, lending a straight shape more  contour.
Best Brights for a Big Bust
Got a curvaceous bust? Downplay a larger chest by drawing all eyes away from the area. A pair of candy pink jeans diverts attention away from your bustline and showcases great legs. With colored denim, keep the rest of your look simple. Pair them with a black, white or other neutral, muted shade on your top half.

Best Brights for Curvy Hips and Thighs
Hourglass and Triangle shapes can downplay a fuller bottom-half by wearing lime on top. A bold blouse is the perfect way to draw attention away from full hips and up towards your face. An extra bonus: light-reflecting shades instantly brighten your entire face helping you look younger. Pair a lime-color blouse with dark-wash jeans for even skinnier-looking hips and thighs.

Best Brights to Create a Tiny Waist
Create a teeny, tiny waistline in a cinch! A belt is the simplest way to highlight your natural waistline, especially if you're a Circle shape. The addition of a bright tangerine belt against a solid shade dress whittles your middle instantly.

Best Bright Shade for Beauty
A tangerine or coral lip is one of the quickest ways to add vibrancy to your complexion, and makes just about everyone look fresh and fabulous.

Top It Off With Some Color
Get protection from the summer sun-with style. I'm obsessed with this straw fedora and its splash of neon. If you're nervous about fully embracing any trend, such as neon, the easiest way is to dip your a toe into the trend with an accessory.


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