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Thursday, 12 January 2012

How Lap Band Surgery Can Change Your Life.

Ruth and I has been friends  for a very long time, i met her in nursery and we became friends ever since. Ruth's Mum passed away in 2010 and she  became really depressed .  I stood by her and tried to talk her out of her depression. But she devised her own means of consoling herself. She started  eating a lot and she gained a lot of weight. In less than 6 months she went  from a dress size 16 to a dress size 24 . I could not believe my eyes. Her life was a living hell, her boyfriend left her. She developed heart problems and a type 2 diabetes and was on daily insulin shots. She was ridiculed and laughed at because of her size, she lost her confidence and she could not just carry on living any more. I encouraged her to lose weight and get her life back on track.
She tried different types of weight loss regimes , dieting, working -out  and all, but all proved abortive. She either losses a little and gains more  back in a couple of weeks or she dose not lose at all. It was just a dead end zone again, she was getting worried that she might end up being fat for the rest of her life.   Just as all hope was about to be  dashed, i told her about lap band surgery  . Lap band surgery is a surgery to help you lose weight.  It is aimed at limiting how much you can eat because it reduces your stomach's capacity and get full easily and stay full for long with little or no food.  It was the end of the nightmare she was having. She had the surgery and came from a  dress size 24 to a dress size 14. The best part is , she kept the weight off.

 Ruth got her confidence back. She stopped having insulin shots because the diabetes was gone [such a relief] . Her heart problems stopped . From being ridiculed and laughed at , every body wanted to hang out with her, she looks so good that you can,t walk past her without turning to have another look. Her former boss offered her old job, which she turned  down and got something even better. All thanks to lap band surgery.

I am participating in a blogger campaign by Bucks2Blog for lap band
surgery and was compensated. However, the views and opinions are my own.

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