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Saturday, 21 January 2012

What To Expect Book Review.

What To Expect When You Are Expecting.

 I am so happy to have used this book and i'm happy to be reviewing it. I
read this incredible book when i was expecting my first child. It was  very helpful that i carried it everywhere i went. It is packed with helpful information about your health as an expectant mother and that of your growing baby. What To Expect When You Are Expecting book guided me through my pre-pregnancy days to my post-pregnancy days.  I was able to read about the changes my body was going through without having to call my doctor. I could  monitored by baby,s development and growth without waiting to have a scan. With this incredible book, my mind was at ease, because every little detail about pregnancy is explained and discussed. It felt like having a gynaecologist with me at all times. My hysband benefitted from this book, there are loads of information that was very handy for him in regards to what he can do to  support me [first time Dad-to-be] and also understand my mood swings and why i salivating and being sick.

What To Expect The First Year
When my  Daugther finally arrived , i heard about the sequel of the first book called What To Expect The First Year . It is packed with helpful and handy information to help you deal with your body and that of your bundle of joy. As a first time parent and no help from anyone [ my Mum was not around], i read up tips on how to bath the baby, put the baby to sleep and feed her. I decided to breastfeed Rianna , i read up how to let your baby latch on my breats without having bruises from her sucking. I could dictate why she is crying [ tired, fever, hunger]. With the help of this book, We were able to make our home safe for our fast growing toddler, learnt to put her in a routine to help her start right. I love this book, it helped my family to start off in the right direction. From nursery temperature to teething , common cold , early learning and basically every information you need to sort yourself and family.early learning.

What To Expect The Second Year.
This is the third part of this book and it centers around your toddller. I got tips on how to help Rianna talk, tidy up her toys after playing, plan their meals, take turns when she goes to play with other kids. This books gives you insight on how the mind of your toddler works, like that i was able to give Rianna the best upbringing. I got tips on how to tame Riannas tantrums, Discipline her, deal with her behaviour [ she can be stubborn], self feeding and loads more.
 This book is a must-have.  Every family needs to have all three books in their shelves. You don,t need to be pregnant to read it.  The information in these books can be beneficial to all and  sundry.


Tee-iabo Designs said...

Hey, I remember this book! I had one back in 1996 when expecting my son. ♥it!

Ruth Govender said...

Hi there .Found you on MBC. Great blog! I am now following.


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