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Friday, 2 March 2012

Photo Of The Day.

Hat's on! But everything else is off... Pregnant glamour model walks the runway naked at London Fashion Week.


Models are used to baring all for their art but one proved more daring than others today when she walked the catwalk completely nude while eight months pregnant.
Glamour model and former Miss Wales Sophia Cahill appeared at Welsh milliner Robyn Coles' debut show wearing nothing but a series of striking hats.
She took to the catwalk at the White Rabbit Studio in Shoreditch, east London, with four other nude models, including actor and comedian Jeff Leach.

source-daily mail uk


Tee-iabo Designs said...

WOW!!!! I know pregnancy is beautiful, but I don't knowing about bearing it all when you are.

Desirae R said...

Go her!
Following via RSS from Exposure 99% weekday hop.

1mommy2monsters said...

I do believe this is the most gorgeous picture. As a mother of 2 I know how beautiful it is to pregnant. Hopping by to your page from the OMIT blog hop. Hope you join our family at

OrangeHeroMama said...

wow! that's crazy, but beautiful!

(stopping by from moment in time)

YUMMommy said...

I think this is an amazing photo. I like how in some foreign countries nudity isn't such a big deal. I hope that one day our overly sexualized country & media will adopt that same attitude and be able to appreciate the beauty of the human body in a nonsexual way.

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