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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Whitney Houston leaves everything to daughter Bobbi Kristina in will

The late singer's will states that all of her personal effects, cars, clothing, jewellery and furnishings should go to her surviving children.

Whitney signed the will on 3 February 1993, a month before she gave birth to her daughter.
The money will be held in a trust, and 19-year-old Bobbi Kristina will receive part of it when she turns 21, more at 25, and then the balance at 30.
Trustees can give her money for specific purposes, like tuition, house buying or starting a business.
It is thought Whitney's mother Cissy is the executor of the will, and her brother and sister-in-law are trustees, according to BANG Showbiz. 
Poor Bobbi Kristina, i hope she picks up the peices and moves on. The property sure can,t bring back her  dear Mother. May the soul of Whitney Houston and the souls of the faithful departed, Through the mercy of God may they rest in peace..Amen 


Sandra Tyler said...

heart breaking. She's still too young to lose her mom. Center of world, no doubt. Followig you fomr your hop now!

SoCal Tess said...

Wow! I didn't know Bobbi Kristina would get it in pieces, that is a great idea. It's sad but I truly hope she succeeds in life. I'm a new BloggyMoms follower and look forward to your future posts!

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