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Friday, 9 March 2012

Tips For Driving Next To Commercial Trucks .

The last time i was on a road trip with my family , we were driving next to a commercial truck , that had beautiful billboards designs which changed to a different picture at intervals. It was fun and i was relaxed and comfortable driving next to a commercial truck. People are apprehensive driving next to commercial trucks because of their size and all  but they are not such bad vehicles to drive next to.

Commercial trucks for sale  are quite useful vehicles. They convey large and bulky goods from one state to another.  Statistics show that  72% of road accidents are caused by smaller cars and not commercial trucks. We can avoid these accidents by following some simple tips while driving around them.

Tips For Driving Next To Commercial Trucks.

-Drive so the driver of the commercial truck can see you- Just like in other vehicles, there are blind spots for commercial trucks. If you can,t see the driver's mirror, they probably can,t see you.

- Avoid driving too close to commercial vehicles.

-Give the commercial truck plenty of room to stop- Commercial trucks are big vehicle that carry heavy load . They need a good distance to stop at an intersection or traffic light. If you are behind a commercial truck, avoid rushing ahead to fill in the gap ahead if they are slowing down to stop.

- Make sure you don,t drive very close to a commercial truck for  long - Because of the size of the vehicle, the wind that comes from the car can be dangerous to smaller cars. Also because the tyres of trucks tend to burst.

- Call the authorities if you see unsafe driving.

- Pay attention to a turning truck and make extra room if possible- Trucks are big vehicle and they need extra room to cut corners. Avoid filling the gap the truck needs to make a full turn.

- Let the truck in front of switch lanes if the decide to.

- Drive responsibly and avoid talking or texting on the phone.

Following these simple tips has made my family and i safer on road trips. You should try it sometime.

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Christie Tate said...

Hi! I found you on the BLog Hop and started following. Love the blog. Need all the tips I can get.

-- Christie

Christie Tate said...

Love the blog. Following you from the blog hop. Thanks for the tips.

-- Christie

christie tate said...

Awesome tips. it's not worth texting and driving.

I am now part of the blog hop.


Andie said...

Love your blog. Visiting from 99% blog hop posting. Following you now on Network Blogs. Hope you can follow me back.

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