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Friday, 11 November 2011


As the party season is coming close , its time to glam up with the  latest fashions and make-up. Just want share  few tips on which eyeshadow colours suit different eye colours.
Eyeshadow for Blue eyes.

Blue eyes are best enhanced by pale gold,  minky browns, brown greys, warm bronzes and purple shades. All of which can be used to create a smoky eye effect for fair skin.

Eyeshadow for Green eyes.

Green eyes look amazing with yellow-toned beiges, dark greens and greys. And if you really wow everybody,   plump for rich violets and purples.
Eyeshadow for Brown eyes.

Brown can pull off pretty much any colour but the top colour  choices are dark brown and khakis. Intense  blue  colour also make the eye  pop.
If you are  black, stay clear of silvery   colours as they look harsh on your skin. Choose warm  colours with m golden tones to it.
Black and  Asian skin tones can pull off really bright  colours like rust colours and deep  purples and lilac.

Hope these  few tips help. HAVE A LOVELY WEEKEND.


May said...

Great tips. I'm a lover of colors and i never knew about this tips. Very useful, thanks for sharing....

Anonymous said...

I love love eyeshadows....nice tips.

Anonymous said...

I love love eyeshadows....nice tips.

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