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Sunday, 6 November 2011


To be able to wear the latest fashion and  pull it off, you will have to understand your body shape and size. You will also have to know the colours that suit you. There are different body shapes and they are;

Apple shape
Apple shaped bodies are larger on top and smaller below.  Women with this shape tend to have broader shoulders and full breast and are likely to gain weight around the tummy, but have smaller hips and bum and  slim legs.
Flatter your shape with fitted tops that fall just below your belt line or V-neck tops to make most of your cleavage, lenghten your neckline and draw attention to your face. Opt for wide leg trousers to balance your frame. Avoid pockets which can attract unwanted attention to the upper  body.  Go for lenghty dresses that hang   loosely from underneath your breast. Never wear body hugging dresses as it will draw attention to the waist also avoid busy pattern tops and tops with details like frills, collars, buttons as these will accentuate any extra inches. Celebrities with apple shape  are Fern Britton and Beth Ditto.

Pear shape
A pear-shaped body is slender in the torso, but has full hips , thighs and bum. Your best assets are your delicate waistline, delicate upper body, shoulders and arms.
Draw attention to your upper body by wearing patterned and interesting detail tops to draw attention to your upper bit. Where wide neck tops to play up your shoulders and balance the width of your hips. If find that you fall into this category, three-quarter-lenght jackets should be a must have for you.
Avoid trousers with gathered waist band as it will make your hips bulkier, also avoid bright colours and your lower half.  Celebrities with pear shape are Beyonce Knowles, Jennifer Lopez and Cheryl Cole.

Hourglass shape
This is the curvy but proportionate shape. Full breasts , rounded hips and bottom and a small waist, your legs tend to be heavier though. The hourglass shape and pear shape are the shapes most women long for. If you fall in this category, go for V-neck tops and dresses with a hint of cleavage. Choose fabrics that mould your curves and choose sheath-style dresses that will lay emphasis on your slim waist. Wear contrasting colours to show off your curves. Use vertical  striped fabrics to show off your feminine curves. Also wearing high heeled shoes will help elongate your legs and lift your bottoms. Waist belts is a must-have for women  under this category. Celebrities with hourglass shapes are Kate Winslet, Scarlett Johansson and Kelly Brooke.

Rhubard shape
Rhubard shape is a typical boyish shape. Skinny figure, quite tall straight and narrow. Lacking a full bust or bottom with a small waist.
Turtle-neck tops are one of your best wardrobe accessory. Choose tailor fitted jackets and coats that hug the waist and flare over the hips to bring out your waist. If you have got quite skinny legs, tight  mid-calf pencil skirts are your best bet. Tank tops are great choices as well. Go for horizontal designs as it adds dimension to your shape. Avoid very full skirt ,unless you are quiet tall, also avoid baggy trousers as it will show your straight figure more. Celebrities with rhubard shape are Nicloe Kidman, Keira Knightly and Victoria beckham..
It is wise to know your body shape so as to know the sort of clothing to for especially as we are nearing the party season.



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